First, allow me to welcome you to our new and user friendly website! Our goal was to
create a website that is easily accessible to our residents, staff and all stakeholders.
Fiscal restraint, budget cuts for economy and efficiency, my constant pursue of new
and creative funding sources, policy changes and the effective management of assets
during the last nine years has helped and will continue to lessen the impact of federal
domestic cuts. Also, new and innovative demonstration programs and regulation
streamlining offered by HUD can assist.

In September of 2017 the PVHA finally closed on our conversion to the Rental
Assistance Demonstration program (RAD). 2018 was the PVHA’s first year as a RAD
agency and as we continued to learn the RAD program, post-closing, we must conclude
we made the correct decision in converting.

This year we will continue the development and expansion of our Senior and Disabled
Campus by constructing a new building that will also provide assisted living in some of
the units and rental commercial space on the first level. The project will assist the PVHA
in its continued pursue to diversifying our portfolio and create new funding sources for
the long term viability of the PVHA.

I personally thank the PVHA Board of Commissioners, the dedicated PVHA staff, the City
of Pleasantville and the diligent consultants/advisors and partners for their overwhelming support in making these opportunities a reality.
During 2019-2020 I will continue capitalize on a number of financial and enterprise opportunities for the PVHA and continue the vision for the long term economic health of the Authority, its residents and the City of Pleasantville.

Dave Caracciolo

Dave Caracciolo
Executive Director